Welcome to Queen City Walking Club!

You can register  using a credit or debit card. We will also be accepting in-person registrations once training begins at our scheduled workout times & locations. 

Hyde Park Blast/Pray~Hope~Believe Training – Running & Walking
As a follow-up to our Pig training season, we make a nice segue into some shorter distance training, built around a couple of local races - the Hyde Park Blast (June 24) and the Pray~Hope~Believe 5k (July 4). Though shorter in distance, many in our group welcome and enjoy the quicker-intense workouts…especially in the warmer months.  This training begins on Tuesday, May 9 and meets twice weekly for workouts. In addition, we will offer some optional “off-day” races and workouts. This is a great option for those new or just getting back into running or walking. 

Fall Marathon & Half Marathon Training – Walking

Our Fall Marathon & Half Marathon Walking training kicks off in mid-June as we target the Queen Bee Half in October as one of our Fall training races. Though we certainly can alter the training schedule to fit different races/events, this will be our primary fall race. We will offer a mid-week workout option on Wednesday and a long walk workout on Saturday. We will utilize a variety of sites in the Greater Cincinnati area, designed to help prepare you for the 2017 Queen Bee Half or the race of your choosing. We will provide “on-course” coaches, planned routes, hydration/fuel stations, safety lights and the motivation and support that comes from a “team-like” environment. Whether you are an experienced or novice walker, we can help provide you with the push and the support you need to reach your goals.


Program Options & Cost
Here are the 2017 Training Options for Queen City Walking:

  • Fall Marathon & Half Marathon Training - $80
  • Hyde Park Blast/Pray~Hope~Believe Training - $40
  • Full Year Training Option (includes Spring, Fall & HPB/PHB Training) - $170

 *All programs include Queen City sportswear item, 15% Store Discount on footwear, Happy Hours and add’l social functions, and much, much more!


For More Information...
If you have some questions that we have not yet addressed, please feel free to call us at the Queen City Running store location…513-918- 4845 or email Head Coach Karen Kramer at kkramer@riverbendtitle.com